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the aim is to spread the creative art culture
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भारत (Inde) 

S D Chopra started Painting as hobby about 36 years ago (1972-73).
From 1996 onward he took painting as a profession. His major interest is in the field of Oil & Acrylic paintings of different themes – as is evident from his art work shown here. He has been making some of the quality, original, exclusive and classical paintings.
He has been organizing number of exhibitions, art competitions & lectures at various locations. Also he has been part of  art seminars organized by & for children.
He has been teaching art to children & elders (including professionals of other fields).
The AIM is to spread the creative art culture. He intends to organize more lectures at schools, institutions & at community places so that constructive, creative & imaginative work of the youth can be seen in the form of ART.

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