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Johan was born in Luleå, Sweden in 1966. Except for a few years in Stockholm and Gothenburg he has worked and studied in Luleå. He now divides his time between Luleå and a little village outside Skellefteå, where his studio is located.
Johan is a self-taught artist who writes, sculpts and uses multimedia for his works. Ten years ago writing was the main focus, now it’s more of a complement to his visual art.
The art: It is sculpture in mixed media [wood, fabrics, tar, leather, wire, welding filler, doll parts, silicone, rust]. The basis is usually metal, and usually items/materials used in agriculture and forestry. The interest, however, lies in the combination of these rural materials/items and urban ones like plastic, rubber, silicone, parts of dolls and toys…

"Junk art" might be the term when it comes to choice of "material". When it comes to artistry, terms like "outsider art" or "art brut" are better suited.
His art is basically a working process which often results in humans, figures, postures, poses. The working process more than often makes us of chance.
“I watched Norman Mailer speak of Hemingway, saying that he, Hemingway, was a man of inconsistencies and that people of inconsistencies often, for that specific reason, turn to art. Maybe that is true for some artists. Maybe I’m not that interested in art; but I’m interested in inconsistencies. And art is the best way to explore them… Putting inconsistent pieces together, colours, shapes that don’t fit. Basically, that’s what I do: I like putting things together; ugly things, broken, things that don’t fit…”

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