Ivaschenko Grigory
Dead Tech, archeology of modernity
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Creativity: In his work exploring the nature of the second (technogenic), its influence on the subjects and the reality.
The " Following the traces of humanity " is a study of the industrial world. The bottom line is that civilization develops and the vector of development is aimed strictly for the future. But for mankind to be artifacts, traces of his presence, both tangible and intangible. And since nature abhors a vacuum, it is reasonable to assume that in the wake of mankind are other forms of matter and energy - the substance or process developments ... who knows? Their presence is felt in a modified power-abandoned and neglected companies, mines, quarries, burned and forgotten lands. The next stage of life is behind us, and greedily looking   our footprints ...
And the aim of the project is the transfer   of industrial monuments of civilization, in the altered consciousness and constructed worlds.
Creating and sense of presence is impossible without the creation of ideas, and so are the illustration of ideas, as was initially thought, but then - its embodiment ...

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