Eleanor Cardozo
currently concentrating on her real love
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United Kingdom (Angleterre) 

the second of ten children, was born in London in 1965 and spent her early life abroad the Africa. She returned to be convent educated, and went on to study classical sculpture at the City and Guilds School of Art, London and portraiture at the Cecile Graves School in Florence.
She has exhibited in London, Monaco, France and Switzerland and her work can be found as far afield as Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Connecticut and the West Indies.
Her private and corporate commissions range from miniatures to twice life-size.
Hes sports figures, most notably the Polo Player commissioned by Cartier and a Golfer for Volvo have developed into editions and are actively sought by private enthusiasts as well as the corporate sector.
She is currently concentrating on her real love: the Classical Nude

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