Brano Hlavac Gartier
... to bring a new style and approach to the art as a concept
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Slovensko (Slovaquie) 

I was born in Slovakia in 1978. I studied at the University of Barcelona and university of arts New York in level of graphic design and modern arts. From August 2009 I am Doctor of Arts in the graphic design and interior.
The reason of start in my career is to bring a new style and approach to the art as a concept, answer to the pop art and modern graphic design. Celebrating beauty of the woman. Find power in a man. I started across the corporate identity and graphic design as a student, later as a graphic designer in advertising agency.
I love the combination of traditional media and the digital media,
3 D modeling and the various output on paper, canvas, glass, i love monumental sizes too. I have three styles. splash reminds comics, vector is based on fusion of shapes, tek is 3D modeling. There is my recent client list: Siemens, Adidas, Nike, DMC comics, Manpower, Honda, Audi, Blizzard, and other.

In 2007 I founded the GARTIER ATELIER studio.
Today I have three production ateliers in Bratislava, Dublin and New York

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